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(CARA) Concordia Animal Rights Association

Office: 2020 Mackay P-303   Email Address:

Care about animals? Want to speak up for those who can't? This year, get involved with one of Concordia's most active organizations - Join CARA! 
From the peace of mind that comes with buying a product that hasn’t been tested on animals to the health benefits of a vegan diet, getting involved in animal rights has its rewards. The ones who truly benefit most are animals, who depend on us for our compassion, our voice, and our action.
We don’t need animals for any purpose, yet we torture them in laboratories, slaughterhouses, circuses and on fur farms. Animals will never organize a rebellion or demand better treatment—they depend on those who witness their suffering to speak up for them. We work with the understanding that all animals feel pain, and that this alone is reason enough to care.
Every second wasted means a homeless dog is euthanized or a chicken is strung up by their feet for slaughter. Now is the time to exercise your compassion, and it can be as easy as ordering vegetarian at your next meal, choosing an animal-free circus, or finding a way to be glamorous without wearing fur. Join CARA to make a difference today!

·       Positions:

Co-presidents (mediate and organize all projects and people within the executive of CARA – at least one needs to be a signing officer, write newsletters, register for the following years);

Finance Officer: Formulating the budgets, input on costs of events;

Booking Officer: A project manager that is responsible for booking events;

Volunteer Coordinator and Liaison for SPCA: recruit and organize all volunteers, mediate discuss and coordination for all mutually held events;

Project Manager: plan, organise, and communicate with all and necessary people; 

Sustainability Coordinator: coordinate with CSU sustainability to promote and plan/carry through with the environmentally friendly events.  <o:p />

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